Football Manager 2020:‌ Cymru North &‌ South are now exclusively licenced!

So some big Welsh football news which I’m finally able to talk about you regarding the release of Football Manager 2020, is that for the first time ever, the game will include the Welsh second tier!

Both the Cymru North and Cymru South are now officially licenced in the game along with the Cymru Premier, meaning that are now 45 Welsh clubs playable straight out of the box and they should each have their badges and 2019/20 kits visible in the game. Fun stuff indeed.

The game is officially released later this month but last night the pubic Beta was officially released allowing to me to finally be allowed to talk about the game.

Shortly after taking on the Head Researcher role for the Welsh database just under a year ago, I‌ was told that the Sports Interactive (the developers of the Football Manager series) were planning to include the Cymru North and Cymru South and it led to quite a big project to attempt to capture as much available data as possible for the Tier 2 clubs.

I’ve been fortunate to have a reliable team of assistant researchers supporting with that, who contribute by giving up their time to research specific clubs. I’ve also been supported by John McMillan, who has taken a lead on researching the Cymru North, allowing me to focus on the Cymru Premier and Cymru South.

Anyone with any interest in Welsh domestic football will appreciate just how inconsistent the information and data around the second tier can be. Thankfully, this is definitely improving but researching all aspects of the Cymru North and Cymru South is a considerable task given the disparity of information that’s available to us.

Myself, John and all the assistant researchers have invested an incredible amount of time and effort on the Welsh database for Football Manager 2020, and I would guess that it has been the biggest third-party data capture that there’s ever been for the Welsh second tier. But with all that said, there are definitely gaps and areas it can be improved due to enormity of the task and the information that is currently out there.

For us to get the database as accurate and as real as possible, we very much need your feedback and suggestions to help us improve and we realise that database is such a vast project, it’ll never be ‘finished’ and will always be changing and evolving.

I‌ hope everyone who plays the game enjoys the new database and is forthcoming with their feedback.

I’d like to pass on a huge thank you to John McMillan, the staff at the FAW who’ve support my numerous requests for information, club officials and players who’ve helped us clear up queries and of course, the assistant researchers (I’m happy to mention you by name, but was unsure whether you wanted me to disclose your details!).

Please get in touch with us via twitter, in the comments section here, or the official Sports Interactive forums, where there is a specific Welsh data forum. There are also forums there to post any bugs or any other issues specific to the Welsh leagues.

Moving forward, myself and John have discussed the idea of a specific Football Manager Wales website which would serve as a central hub for everything that’s going on in the Football Manager community with the Welsh leagues and to help us further improve the database. We’ll let you know more about that once we have more details!

Thanks for reading, feel free to fire away any questions and I’ll do my best to answer. Enjoy!

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