New West Wales Premier League confirmed

Details of the newly formed West Wales Premier League have been confirmed as part of the ongoing restructure of the Welsh domestic football system.

The new league will sit in the fourth tier of the Welsh system, bridging local football leagues at Tier 5 level and the newly-created Tier 3 leagues, which are yet to be officially confirmed.

The West Wales Premier League originally sought to include participants from the Carmarthenshire League, Swansea League, Neath League and Pembrokeshire League, but with no entries forthcoming from Pembrokeshire, the inaugural West Wales Premier League will operate with 12 clubs.

The confirmed 12 member clubs for the 2020/21 season are as confirmed:

From the Carmarthenshire League:
CK Swiss Valley
Dafen Welfare
Evans & Williams
Pontarddulais Town

From the Swansea League:
Morriston Town
Mumbles Rangers
Penlan Club
South Gower

From the Neath League:
Cwm Wanderers
Giants Grave
Seven Sisters

Each member club must satisfy the Tier 4 ground criteria as set out by the FAW in readiness for the second season in 2021/22. Funding has been made available to the clubs in order to assist them with their ground development.

6 thoughts on “New West Wales Premier League confirmed

  1. Has strict criteria been set for acceptance to this league? As a few of these teams were relegated last season.

    With regards to funding for Ground Development is that a set amount for each club or just to cover what they currently don’t have? Also when was this agreed? As no mention of this was made when initial expressions of interest were sent out.

    Will there be funding for teams who are promoted to this league in future?

    Also what is the procedure for promotion and relegation to this league in future? Ie will you need to finish in a certain position in your Area Association or just be the highest placed team in that area who applies? And how many teams can go up and down per season.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. The League was formed on application from interested clubs.

      Promotion will be from the four feeder Tier 5 leagues for teams who finish first or Second . Clubs must apply for entry before 31st December in the season before .

      The league inaugural meeting hasn’t been arranged yet due to COVID 19. This is where the clubs will agree on Promotion and Relegation numbers . If there are more than two promotion contenders, a play off system may be used similar to the one used in The South Wales FA area.

      Funding is available and will be made on a club to club basis on application and will depend on what work needs to be done to meet the FAW Tier 4 criteria .

      Hopefully this will continue for the next few seasons but that will be an FAW Trust decision.

      1. Thanks Nigel for the in depth response.

        Given that relegated teams, second division teams, etc have been accepted for the inaugural season, shouldn’t more teams be accepted the season after than one, if they are top top of the division lower?

        I’m not saying indefinitely, but surely teams have to perform on the pitch to warrant their place as well.

  2. Also the club’s will agree on promotion/relegation numbers isn’t that like asking Turkey’s to vote for Christmas???

    1. The clubs will just set up the Rules and Constitution of the League. FAW Pyramid regulations allow for a maximum 16 team league so the WWPL could expand in future seasons . Promoted clubs will have to meet the Ground Criteria standards though

      The clubs will vote on the number to be relegated . I guess that will be 2 but again it will be up to the clubs to decide .

      If more than 2 clubs then apply to join the league and meet the criteria, Play Offs will take place .

      This league had to be set up under the new FAW Pyramid System so that West Wales Clubs had a vehicle for promotion through the pyramid and follow in the footsteps of Swansea University and Ynysygerwn in recent years !

      We are just grateful that 12 clubs have applied initially as it makes a good number to start with !

      1. Thanks Nigel for another detailed response, not seen much information regarding the new league, so good to have more of an understanding.

        Given that hopefully teams from Pembrokeshire may join in the future, then the ability to increase to 16 should certainly be on the table.

        As it would make for an exciting league to see the top teams from the the four areas competing in one league, albeit appreciate that is out of the West Wales hands and is up to the individual clubs to decide.

        No doubt it will make for interesting viewing next season!

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